The End?

I’m sorry to disappoint my thousands of fans, but I’m officially done with WordPress, at least for a while. I’m moving on to bigger and better places now and I appreciate all the help and support you have all given me. I would like to personally thank everyone who has helped me to where I am today:

1. Myself

Again, I’m sorry about this but I’ve decided to link you all too a blog that I think you would all like better than mine, This.

I may see you all some time later, but for now.. Goodbye.


Google Glass and Movies


     With Google Glass coming out in 2014, or near the end of this year, It seems like many people are already complaining about all of the problems it will have. For one, with google glass you can record anything at anytime, which makes a lot of people feel uneasy. But what if you can bring your google glass into the movie theater? If there is no ban on google glass right away, can’t people just record/stream new movies and put it somewhere like YouTube for everyone to see? I don’t think there have been any bans on Glass in movie theaters yet, but i’m guessing when it comes out people probably won’t be aloud to bring them into the movies considering there are already bans on recording devices in most theaters, if not all.


Well, after looking around for a bit, A found a couple of blogs that I felt really deserves more recognition then they already have (even though I’m pretty sure they’re really popular anyways).

The first one was:, and he has quite a few posts. I looked at his  Jumper movie review and I really enjoyed reading it. Although he has almost 200 followers,  It seems like he really deserves a lot more considering the quality of all his posts and how many there are.

The second one I looked at was:, where I looked at his review of Oz, the Great and Powerful. What I really liked was his posts that weren’t about movie reviews because they were all interesting to read. It looks like he also puts a lot of effort into all of his posts.

Upcoming Movies: May

I’m sure many people are waiting for the upcoming Iron Man 3 movie, that comes out on May 3rd, but there are also many other movies coming out in May. For one, the Hangover Part III is coming out May 24th, and so is the Fast and the Furious 6. There’s also Star Trek Into Darkness, coming out on the 15th of May. But besides these movies, I Haven’t really found any new movies coming out that I would want to see. Well, I do think that everyone should watch the movies I did point out, and if you want to look at the movies coming out next month, they can be found here.

Spring Break

Spring break is a great time to watch new movies. I don’t know about anyone else, but I can’t wait to watch Jurassic Park 3D (not really). But after looking at a few movies that are to come out over spring break, it looks like there are a lot of horror movies coming out. There are zombie movies, the average haunting-related movies, and then there’s scary movie 5 that comes out on the 12th. I don’t know if i’m going to watch any of these movies, but I’ll try and see if there’s anything actually worth watching.

Oz the Great and Powerful Review


“Oz the Great and Powerful”, directed by Sam Raimi, was a very interesting movie. I don’t know why a lot people didn’t like James Franco’s performance because he seemed great to me? Although I wouldn’t say I loved the movie, nothing was disappointing and the visuals and effects were fine. Even the black and white beginning was good.

I would rate this movie 5/5 because I really didn’t see anything wrong with it and the movie was really a lot better then I expected.